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dog ramps
dog ramps

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

~*~ Okay my creative juices are flowin!! ~*~

I've had sooooo many new designs floating about in my head lately it's been hard at times to tell which is which! LOL
I had promised to make a poncho for one of my 6yr old's friends and I finally got around to whipping something up. Out of my head....again....sigh.
For her, the brighter, zanier, funkier the better so I hope this is crazy and bright enough!!

I'm working on two other sizes of this design right now. When I'm thru I will have it available for sizes XS-2X.

Okay here are some RAOK packages I want to say thank you for!

I received these beads from a special lady and turned them into stitch markers for myself! Aren't they pretty? Thank you so much, you know who you are!!

this adorable little card and even cuter teddy bear and blankie came from a sweet friend of mine. She also sent a little heart shaped silver button that has made it's home in my bead box for the time being. Thank you for thinking of me!!!

Another dear lady sent me these! My first clover soft touch hook and 2 beaded book thongs, the other is in my Bible. I love them soooo much and just absolutely love using my new hook! Thank you very very much!!!

I was shocked to receive this hook in the mail just one day after posting that I really wanted one of those!! Somebody was thinking ahead and that thoughtfullness just thrilled me!! It came with a little beaded charm dangle on the end but it fell off and I'm waiting to buy more superglue so I can reattach it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! I LOVE IT!!!

Ok for what I'm working on, my spring poncho, trin's spring poncho, flower swap goodies, thread bracelet and choker sets, and my new poncho design. Ciao!!

[*-Wool & Flax-*] | 2:47 PM


~*~ Mail Day!! Oh dear darling mail day!!! ~*~

Oh my gosh, it never rains but it pours!!! I was expecting several packages within this week or next but had no idea when they would arrive. Well all but one came yesterday! I opened the door to the mailcarrier's overloaded arms and relieved her at once!! LOL

At first I thought the big box was my secret pal reveal package but it wasn't!! It was all the flower goodies Tween could fit in the box!! I've now received both of my flower swap packages.

my girls ran off with the pillow and the scrunchies/holder but I am enjoying using my pretty dishrags and love my crystal candleholders!!! Thanks Tween!

My flower swap goodies came from Jackie last week. Here they are. I adore just everything!!!!

I loved the blue beaded rose so much i took it off the purse carefully and attatched a pin to the back. That way I can use it on the purse or on a hat or on whatever I please!! Ahhhh...... Thank you Jackie!!!

Next I opened my secret pal reveal package. It was a good thing I was already sitting down cause otherwise I might have dropped it all in shock!! My darling, darling pal NATALIE sent me my long-sought-after Berroco pattern book,(the one with the hairpin lace shawl patterns!!), 2 gorgeous hanks of Berroco Cotton Twist in the prettiest pink/orange sherbet colorway, a purple retractable tape measure, the cutest little purple folding scissors, a pair of metal yarn needles for chunky and bulky yarns,and then the Grand Finale!
Drumroll please!...............My very first TOTC hook!!! It is my favorite size
"J" and is in the beautiful cocobolo wood I've drooled over!!

and here's a pic of the hook alone in better light,

dangit! that's not that much better! Oh well.
here is the link to the TOTC site where she was purchased.
isn't she beautimus?!?! I'm trying to think of what I want to name this pretty lady so if you have any suggestions please speak up!!

Well that's NOT ALL folks!!

I also received the newest issue of Crochet! from Goldie!! Thanks Goldie!!
(your stitch markers will be sent off today hopefully)

there are just sooooo many wonderful patterns in here but my favorite has to be the pineapple duster out of lustersheen.

I've got to make that!!!! And that gorgeous doily, that just might be my first big one!!!

Whew!!! That was a great day!!
Now I'm off to post my latest projects and received raoks!

[*-Wool & Flax-*] | 2:05 PM