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dog ramps
dog ramps

Friday, March 04, 2005

~*~ Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street? ~*~

Oooh, I'm so behind!! Sorry about that!

Okay first to do my belated WIP Wednesday post.

1) swap poncho(1)

2) sebastian's baby blanket(1)

3) felted Upcountry bag(2)

4) teapot cozy pattern(2)

5) mohair evening shawl(1)

6) teardrop capelet pattern(1)

7) the other rippled mitten(3)

8) pink denim vintage handbag(3)

9) red/white cotton dishcloth(3)

10) design for trinity(2)

11) tabi's sweater jacket(1)

12) shell stitch hat(3)

13) Dreaming doily(2)

14) Teddy's sweater(5).....he's almost outgrown this, need to think!

15) landscapes knitted bag(4)

16) Bamboo knitted scarf(2)

17) Raspberry Mocha bag(4)

18) teal wool-ease poncho(4)

19) blueberry pie knitted poncho(4)

20) Elegant Mama Shawl(3)

WOW!!! That's all the WIP's I have, i think?
I think i'm gonna start assigning WIP's a priority number of 1 thru 5, once a project gets a 5, I have to either frog it or move it back to a 1. We'll see how this works for awhile.

I'm getting ready to start on:

Trinity's sweater jacket......need more yarn!!
Teddy's easter tie......need to figure correct length
cotton swirlie hat for sebastian......waiting on measurement, need more cotton yarn.
felted rectangular bag....waiting on pattern and more yarn that's on it's way.
felted mitered square bag....will write up Kim's notes & dye my yarn this weekend.
flowers for flower swap.....need colored thread.
secret pal surprise!
secret sister surprises!

Now for recent pictures!!

my wonderful secret pal struck again!! This package had a spa/pampering theme going and I absolutely loved everything she sent!! Thanks again Secret Pal!!

These are stitch markers I made last night for my friend Coralie. I made them in exchange for some artist print rh ss I couldn't find locally. Hubby likes them sooooo much, he wants me to try and sell some on ebay!! I can't wait to go bead shopping now!!

This is some laceweight wool I got from I plan on using it for scarves/shawls/ponchos to sell either at craft fairs or on ebay.

this is the wool of the andes from KnitPicks that I ordered. I'm waiting on a second order so I'll have enough for Marlo's felted rectangular bag. It's gonna be my official crochet/knitting bag.

this is my scarf i'm knitting from the bamboo my sp sent me. this yarn is heavenly!! it's so cool and soft to the touch. I'd love a little poncho from it but I have no idea how much that would take or how much this yarn cost!

this is tabi's sweater jacket that is almost complete. Only one more sleeve, one rose, and alot of ends to weave in and it will be done. She wasn't too keen on the idea of taking her picture right then!!

Now for some finished projects:

here are my wool wristwarmers. this was my first order from and was a present from hubby. their wool is amazing and soooooooooooooo soft!!

this is my swirlie beanie I'm designing. the pattern will be available soon.

here is the tapestry style hat I created for teddy. it's his indoors hat when the house is chilly and he adores it so much he sometimes sleeps in it!! How's that for a compliment!!

Whew!! I'll try not to wait so long between posts when there's so much going on again. Anyways, have a greaaaaaaaaaaaat day and a beautiful weekend!! Ciao!!

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